Indian Food And Ingredients: More Than Just Flavors And Taste

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Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill - Shriji Indian Food and Sweet

As the winter is approaching, with the chilly weather, chilling our bones to the core. We must make our diet align with it too, to keep ourselves warm and active in these lazy months.


Indian Food in Quakers Hillwith various ingredients that help us with some basic home remedies, can also venture towards the category of food items that would help us keep warm in the winter.


Indian food and its uses!

Apart from serving us delicious food, Indian food also make sure to present us with food items and dishes that can be beneficial for our body and health. The ayurvedic ingredients that are originated from Indian are one of the most significant examples.


Also, the species made and used in Indian such as:

  • Turmeric includes the most medical properties in it and is used by many Indians to help them recover while they are sick. As it has powerful antioxidants.

  • Cinnamon is very helpful for diabetic patients to lower their blood sugar level, as it has an anti-diabetic effect on it.


Indian food must-try during winters

Let us go back to the topic on hand, that is winters and Indian food served in an Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill to warm our body


  • Ginger is of the ingredients that help your body to stay warmer, have it in your tea or dishes, or you can also a pice in the morning with warm water, because of its thermogenic qualities it is highly recommended.

  • Mustard or “Sarso” is the best source of food that keeps our body warm and shield us from chilly wave, a massage with the mustard oil can warm you very easily.



At Shriji Indian Restaurant, to curve out dishes with the help of such ingredients that can boost your body with energy and health.


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