Hydroponics Market Size, Company Revenue Share, Key Drivers, and Trend Analysis, 2021–2027

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The growth of the market is attributed to higher yield as compared to conventional agriculture practices and controlled environment farming with limited land resource

The Global Hydroponics market is further segmented in terms of applications, end-user, end-use, geographic presence, by-products as well as services. In addition, the subject matter experts evaluating the industry provide an all-inclusive category-specific industry outlook. A comprehensive collection of data on major companies occupying a strong foothold in the industry adds immense value to the overall research.

Market Size – USD 1.68 Billion in 2019, Market Growth - CAGR of 22.7%, Market Trends –

The important fact is the hydroponics is quite environment-friendly and a profitable technology. Over the years, the market has been promoted by the assorted governments and non-governmental organizations for its advantages in terms of food security. High-cost is the solely major disadvantage in technology. However, accelerating RD activity is being meted out globally to cut back the value concerned in technology.

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The important fact is the hydroponics is quite environment-friendly and a profitable technology. Over the years, the market has been promoted by the assorted governments and non-governmental organizations for its advantages in terms of food security. High-cost is the solely major disadvantage in technology. However, accelerating RD activity is being meted out globally to cut back the value concerned in technology.

Key Highlights From The Report

The tank farming technique removes the chance of diseases that are caused by soil organisms. to boot, the hydroponically matured plants manufacture the next yield than similar plants grown in soil due to correct management over the nutrients

HVAC plays a key role within the development of indoor growers, because the system is chargeable for cooling, dehumidification, and maintaining the optimum temperature within the ability. HVAC systems are mostly essential for the operation of aquacultural and aeroponic farms and may be reliable and well-controlled

The necessities for growing vegetables inside during a aquacultural unit may be met with the assistance of grow lights, air ventilation, and recirculation systems, beside the correct nutrients for water. Hydroponically full-grown plants ar identified to retain their full alimental worth and ar equal or in sure cases superior to conventionally-grown vegetables.

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The Hydroponics report also includes a list of the leading players in the market and expounds on their action plans for drawing higher revenues. The leading market players profiled in the report include AMHYDRO (U.S.), Argus Control Systems Limited (Canada), AeroFarms (U.S.), Green Sense Farms Holdings, Inc. (U.S.), Heliospectra AB (Sweden), Emirates Hydroponics Farms (UAE), LumiGrow (U.S.), Signify Holding (the Netherlands) Terra Tech Corp (U.S.) and Freight Farms (U.S.). Furthermore, a detailed account of the key industry developments, viable market insights, and current market trends is also available in this report. 

With a major focus on the growth trajectories of each segment of the market, the report inspects the operating patterns of each market contender, for instance, partnerships collaborations, mergers acquisitions, and new product launches, in a detailed manner. Alongside describing the vast competitive landscape of the Hydroponics market, the report estimates the CAGR for the market during the projected timeframe.

Geographical Terrain of the Global Hydroponics Market:

North America 

Europe Asia Pacific 

Latin America 

Middle East Africa 

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The report highlights the robust growth trajectory of the global Hydroponics market, shedding light on significant market development. At the same time, the document offers detailed insights into the pertinent industries, business organizations, and various local and international manufacturers and vendors.

The Hydroponics market intelligence report talks about the market size, share, value, and production cost analysis over the forecast period 2020-2027. In addition, downstream demand analysis, upstream raw materials, consumption volume, and the market share of all the segments and sub-segments have also been discussed at length in the latest report. According to our analysts, the research methodology of the Hydroponics market is based on both primary and secondary research data sources.

For the purpose of this report, Emergen Research has segmented into the global Hydroponics Market on the basis of type movement, crop movement and region:

Type Movement Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)

Aggregate Systems

Liquid Systems

Crop Movement Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)







Alongside offering an in-depth analysis of the recent events that took place in the Hydroponics industry, such as technological upgradation and new product launches, the report lays stress on the consequences of these events on the market.

Reasons to choose Emergen Research

  • Regional Demand Forecasts and Forecasts
  • Product price volatility
  • Technology update analysis
  • Location index analysis
  • Raw material procurement strategy

 Competitiveness analysis

 Product composition matrix

 Vendor management

 Cost-effectiveness analysis

Supply chain optimization analysis

The report focuses on the global Hydroponics market definition, market overview, product scope, description, characterization, and specification. The overall information offered by the report is based on thorough research on the latest market trends, development plans, growth patterns, and regulatory policies.

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